• Nancy Behrman Lauds Residents for Using Effective PR Skills to Draw Attention to Boating Issue

    Nancy behrman boat issueNancy Behrman has enjoyed a wildly successful career while working in the field of public relations and brand building, and she is known throughout the industry for her innovative PR strategies and her groundbreaking philosophies in matters associated with brand building. So when someone of her caliber offers praise for the strategies used to draw attention to a local boating issue, it is quite a compliment indeed.

    The boating issue has been an ongoing problem for residents of Broward County who happen to own property along the Intracoastal Waterway. Many of these property owners were drawn to the scenic view of the ICW when they made a decision to buy a home near North Beach Park, but they did not realize that their view of the water was also a view of quite a geographical oddity. According to residents, the water falls into the jurisdiction of several different agencies, all of which disagree over which agency is ultimately responsible for oversight of the area. This has led to what residents believe is abuse of this area of the ICW by boaters, particularly those living aboard their boats.Since the area of North Beach Park allows boaters to drop anchor without requiring a fee, this stretch of the ICW has become a haven for those looking for a rent-free zone. For years, the problem has continued unabated, but residents have recently taken action and have launched a campaign to draw the attention of other community members with the goal of generating action from one of the many oversight agencies responsible for patrolling the area.