• Nancy Behrman Lauds Residents for Using Effective PR Skills to Draw Attention to Boating Issue

    Nancy behrman boat issueNancy Behrman has enjoyed a wildly successful career while working in the field of public relations and brand building, and she is known throughout the industry for her innovative PR strategies and her groundbreaking philosophies in matters associated with brand building. So when someone of her caliber offers praise for the strategies used to draw attention to a local boating issue, it is quite a compliment indeed.

    The boating issue has been an ongoing problem for residents of Broward County who happen to own property along the Intracoastal Waterway. Many of these property owners were drawn to the scenic view of the ICW when they made a decision to buy a home near North Beach Park, but they did not realize that their view of the water was also a view of quite a geographical oddity. According to residents, the water falls into the jurisdiction of several different agencies, all of which disagree over which agency is ultimately responsible for oversight of the area. This has led to what residents believe is abuse of this area of the ICW by boaters, particularly those living aboard their boats.Since the area of North Beach Park allows boaters to drop anchor without requiring a fee, this stretch of the ICW has become a haven for those looking for a rent-free zone. For years, the problem has continued unabated, but residents have recently taken action and have launched a campaign to draw the attention of other community members with the goal of generating action from one of the many oversight agencies responsible for patrolling the area.

  • Is There a Strong Correlation Between Boating and Leadership Skills?

    Luigi WewegeWhen you spend a great deal of time with boat enthusiasts, you begin to notice all of the traits that seem to be common to all boaters. It may even reach the point in which you are able to identify a boater outside of any marine context, sort of in the same way that a billiards expert might recognize a fellow pool hall aficionado by the horizontal crease in the pant legs that only comes from leaning against a pool table while playing game after game.

    After all of these years, I have come to believe that there is a clear relationship between leadership skills and boating. What I am unsure of, however, is whether boating might contribute to the development of leadership skills, or if boating is simply an attractive pursuit for those who possess natural leadership skills. It is a question I would like to pose to a leadership expert like Luigi Wewege, but I suspect that the answer is likely some combination of the two.

    It would, after all, make sense that the pursuit of one would strengthen the other, particularly since marine activities do require a clear attention to detail, strong communication skills and the ability to delegate responsibilities in a manner that ensures coordination among team members. A natural leader would be able to sharpen their skills through boating, while others would be forced to develop leadership skills in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable boating experience.

    Luigi Wewege would probably point out that the outcome is positive regardless of the relationship between cause and effect, so perhaps it is a relatively silly endeavor to try to determine whether boating skills enhance leadership capabilities or if leadership capabilities enhance boating skills.

  • Sink or Swim

    I had an inflatable kayak and when the air ran out it was sink or swim time. I would not recommend the inflatable as it can leave you in trouble if you get a puncture.  Nothing worse than swimming in a duck pond because your boat sunk.  The sinking inflatable was very comfortable.imagesP1E07R02 images (3)  I can see why people buy them.  It is very easy to haul and costs a lot less.  If you want to just try the whole kayak thing out buy a cheap inflatable and be careful.  If you later have to replace the kayak then you haven’t spent too much money.  Luke Weil is a inflatable kayak fan and will always have one ready in his trunk.

  • I’m Up the Creek…Where’s My Paddle

    Being prepared is the rule for safe boating.  If you plan to just learn as you go you will be in trouble when the ranger pulls your boat over for inspection. images5E6JLYIW imagesUN0KEUSZ imagesB85FD3Q8 Do you have life preservers for everyone in the boat?  If not get ready for a ticket.  Do you plan to ski?  Know anything about a no wake zone? Plan to get drunk while boating.  Don’t plan to be the driver or brace for another talk from the ranger.  Boating can be fun but you need to do your home work before heading to the lake. Joe Olujic  is an expert boatman.

  • Kayak Fun

    It is hard not to have a good time in a kayak.  It is even more fun with a group.  The exploring of the shoreline from the water is a whole different experience.  The kayak gliding through the water is so peaceful and serene.  I love to just paddleuntitled (173) untitled (172) around and take in the details of the lake or ocean tide pool.  No matter what I do with the kayak it ends in fun.  If you are looking for good upper body exercise and can swim then kayaking may be for you. I like the simple nature of the boating experience.  Phil Pustejovsky sold me his kayak as he no longer has the need for it.

  • Kayak and Get in Shape

    untitled (55) untitled (54) imagesMAXF23LXMy Kayak is great for upper body exercise.  If you like the outdoors then a Kayak can be for you.  If you are not content with paddling around the local lake there are rivers that offer a challenge.  The white water can be dangerous so wearing the right safety equipment will be required.  The helmet is an essential safety item as head injury can be a problem id you capsize in rough water.  I would start out in calmer waters before tackling the rapids.  The rapids are a whole different level for the kayaker.  If you are a novice I would stay clear until you are more experienced.  Art Falcone is a good kayaker but has not made the leap to white water.

  • Fiverr Boats

    untitled (49) images (10) images (9)Fiverr has deals on boats that cant be beat.  Check out their pricing on just about any service that you can think of.  Is it truly the worlds largest marketplace?  I don’t know but the site claims to be.  I would have guessed that Amazon was bigger but who knows.  The site is easy to navigate and the images load quickly.  As always I have a problem buying some things online that needs to be tried on.  The return policy is good and they try to make it easy as possible.  Try Fiverr and you will be sold.  Luke Weil is a fan and will give Fiverr a good review.

  • I love my Kayak

    I am not the most physical person but I have found boating in my kayak the greatest fun.  I live near a lake and spend many hours paddling around.  I enjoy the turtles that greet me and the monster fish that teases me. 440 The water is refreshing and the view is to die for.  Duck come along as the wife feeds them.  They are always looking for a hand out.  The other day one of the ducks got a fishing hook in its knee and the wife and I removed it.  From that day on the duck is our best friend. Dove Medical Press can explain better than I.

  • Buying a Used Kayak

    I have been so excite since buying a used kayak.  We are traveler and may stop at a many lakes or oceans or some rivers.  The most fun is to go paddling the water and seeing different site from a different view.  We spent a lot of money renting to go site seeing in the ocean and now we have the opportunity of saving money and going out on our own now to puddle with the seals and dolphins.. We are lucky as ocean kayaks can be a little pricey, we just happened on a used ocean kayak and paid only a sixteenth of the what they sale for . A boat is not a god investment but https://www.facebook.com/fisherinvestmentsk can steer to in the right direction.

  • Don’t Sink the Boat

    Boating can be a challenge for the uninitiated. Look here http://www.globalnewsnig.com/rising-profile-of-tope-sonubi-tonye-cole-of-sahara-energy-how-they-emerged-as-strong-force-in-oil-business/    for boating help. You will need it.  Boats are a fun way to enjoy your time at a nearby lake.  ith the right boat you and your family will enjoy many days of fun.  If you don’t pay attention to the cost it can be a burden.  Insurance, tags and maintenance can be expensive.  A cheap boat may not be that cheap when you consider the expenses.  If you can manage the costs you will have a great time and adventure and remember that it could cost much more than you expected.