• Safe Boating Tips For Beginners

    If you are thinking about embracing boating as a hobby, you need to first learn a few things about boating and safety to prevent unnecessary accidents that in extreme situations might lead to fatalities. Many people who don’t understand the importance of learning about boating before getting into the real action have had to look for a personal injury attorney Tampa to address cases that came up after causing injuries to others. To ensure you don’t fall into the same quagmire, here are tips you must consider as a beginner to help you learn how to embrace boating.

    Prepare for cold water

    More than many people believe, cold water is deadly and might cause injuries. For this reason, you need to prepare safety items before you get into the boat. Some of the items that might come in handy include a life jacket and the right costume for boating so you don’t risk drowning should things not go in the way expected. It is advisable to approach an expert who has been doing boating for some ideas on safety and how you can keep yourself away from trouble while also learning.

    Alcohol and boats don’t mix

    One of the worst mistakes you might make is taking alcohol and going boating while intoxicated. This will definitely not end well, so even if you are in the mood to have fun keep away from alcohol as this is as dangerous like drinking and driving. You should leave alcohol onshore to ensure your focus is confined to steering the boat, otherwise you might get too disillusioned at the middle of nowhere and there will be no one to come to your rescue when things go wrong. Basically, don’t do drugs when you are going boating to avoid extreme scenarios that might lead to fatal outcomes.

    Check forecast

    It is the small things that you overlook that degenerate to dangerous situations, so before you even decide to get into the water make sure to confirm that the weather on that day is suitable for the event. Check the forecast to know what to expect across the day as this will help you understand whether it is a dangerous decision to go boating. If through your sight the weather doesn’t seem perfectly in order, you should consider postponing the event until when you will be assured the weather is good for boating.

    Drive responsibly

    Power boats are a thrill when you are driving one for the first time, and just like rally cars, driving them carelessly might lead you into a fatal crash. For a beginner, you are advised to maintain speeds that are manageable and ensure there are experts around you who can assist you to learn how to go about the exercise. When water is choppy, don’t speed a lot as there is no stable ground to guarantee you a smooth boating experience. Also observe early warnings of the boat failing to move seamlessly against the waves of the water and adopt the right speeds for safety.

    Get trained

    Instead of going into something you don’t understand about, get someone to train you about everything about boating you should understand. This is the best way to ensure you don’t fall into the trap of your assumptions and whims, thereby risking getting into accidents. You must learn the best way to survive in the event of an unexpected fall in the water, so getting someone skilled to guide you is a noble step towards gaining vital knowledge about boating. Finally, make sure to tell someone where you are going and the time you should return so when something unexpected happens they can come to your rescue.

  • Using PR Strategies to Build a Brand

    It’s important for every business to maintain good public relations. Nowadays, most marketers use personal branding to build businesses. Customers relate to brands that have a great reputation. Knowing the person behind a certain brand helps to build trust between a company and its consumers. So, if you build a strong brand, more people will trust you more. Read further to understand a few essential things about PR.

    A crucial point to take into account is positioning. Identify your strengths and areas of expertise. Once you’ve figured out your area of specialization, it will be easier to target media outlets that can help you develop your brand image. Your strengths need to match the services or products you’re offering.

    The aim of this strategy is to attract the attention of journalist when you comment on certain subjects. Find a niche that you can fill comfortably. The best way to find a niche is to research on your competitors and find out what they like to discuss. If your competitors talk negatively about something, you can share positive things about the same subject. This way, you’ll stand out in the market.

    Be sure to walk the talk. You’ll have to believe in whatever you’re telling your target market. Your brand will get more attention if your actions match your words. Additionally, people will respect you for setting a good example for others to follow.

    Often you only have a single opportunity in the media. Therefore, it’s imperative to give a perfect first impression. You need to get media trained if you’ve never spoken or pitched an idea on TV. Most TV producers prefer people who know what to do while on air. As you get some media training, you need to focus on the message and the best way to convey it. Learn how to sit, how to speak and what to wear. These are some of the things that will help you build a strong brand through PR.

    The majority of businesses fail at PR because they’re not realistic. Set achievable goals for your business. For instance, before you use TV to grow your personal brand, you may have to consider print media and social media. Inc.com describes social media as an excellent PR channel. You shouldn’t focus on media houses only. Sign up on various social media platforms and share your company details.

    Always provide honest information about your business. You should never try to hide anything from the public if you want long-term results. False stories about your company can ruin your brand within no time.

    Like everything else in business, PR requires consistency. Don’t expect overnight success with any public relation strategy. You need a long-term plan to ensure you remain relevant and continue building your business image. Consistency will enable you to attain the desired recognition.

    These are some of the help PR strategies that can help you develop your brand. If you need to improve your results, you can hire a public relations specialist. Also, read more PR-related articles by Nancy Behrman and other business experts to learn more strategies.

  • Nancy Behrman Lauds Residents for Using Effective PR Skills to Draw Attention to Boating Issue

    Nancy behrman boat issueNancy Behrman has enjoyed a wildly successful career while working in the field of public relations and brand building, and she is known throughout the industry for her innovative PR strategies and her groundbreaking philosophies in matters associated with brand building. So when someone of her caliber offers praise for the strategies used to draw attention to a local boating issue, it is quite a compliment indeed.

    The boating issue has been an ongoing problem for residents of Broward County who happen to own property along the Intracoastal Waterway. Many of these property owners were drawn to the scenic view of the ICW when they made a decision to buy a home near North Beach Park, but they did not realize that their view of the water was also a view of quite a geographical oddity. According to residents, the water falls into the jurisdiction of several different agencies, all of which disagree over which agency is ultimately responsible for oversight of the area. This has led to what residents believe is abuse of this area of the ICW by boaters, particularly those living aboard their boats.Since the area of North Beach Park allows boaters to drop anchor without requiring a fee, this stretch of the ICW has become a haven for those looking for a rent-free zone. For years, the problem has continued unabated, but residents have recently taken action and have launched a campaign to draw the attention of other community members with the goal of generating action from one of the many oversight agencies responsible for patrolling the area.

  • Is There a Strong Correlation Between Boating and Leadership Skills?

    Luigi WewegeWhen you spend a great deal of time with boat enthusiasts, you begin to notice all of the traits that seem to be common to all boaters. It may even reach the point in which you are able to identify a boater outside of any marine context, sort of in the same way that a billiards expert might recognize a fellow pool hall aficionado by the horizontal crease in the pant legs that only comes from leaning against a pool table while playing game after game.

    After all of these years, I have come to believe that there is a clear relationship between leadership skills and boating. What I am unsure of, however, is whether boating might contribute to the development of leadership skills, or if boating is simply an attractive pursuit for those who possess natural leadership skills. It is a question I would like to pose to a leadership expert like Luigi Wewege, but I suspect that the answer is likely some combination of the two.

    It would, after all, make sense that the pursuit of one would strengthen the other, particularly since marine activities do require a clear attention to detail, strong communication skills and the ability to delegate responsibilities in a manner that ensures coordination among team members. A natural leader would be able to sharpen their skills through boating, while others would be forced to develop leadership skills in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable boating experience.

    Luigi Wewege would probably point out that the outcome is positive regardless of the relationship between cause and effect, so perhaps it is a relatively silly endeavor to try to determine whether boating skills enhance leadership capabilities or if leadership capabilities enhance boating skills.

  • Dr. Raouf Farag Shares Australian Boating Expertise During Recent Visit to Galveston

    Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of owning a boat shop is getting to meet a wide range of people from all over the world, especially since their presence in the shop just about guarantees that there will be a shared passion for boating that creates an immediately strong bond. While I have met all kinds of different people from all sorts of places over the years, I simply cannot recall a more enlightening and enjoyable conversation than the one I recently had with Dr. Raouf Farag.

    Dr. Farag was here in Galveston all the way from his home in New South Wales, Australia, where he is an obstetrician and gynecologist specializing in IVF. He walked into the shop hoping to find out about the safety regulations for operating a boat in Galveston, correctly assuming that there are some slight differences in the requirements when compared to those of Australia. After going over the rules and regulations with Dr. Farag, the doctor and I had a lengthy discussion in which we exchanged boating stories from the waters near our respective homes.

    The IVF doctor from Australia was quite an experienced mariner and told me all kinds of stories involving his frequent encounters with sharks in the waters of the Australia’s Central Coast, and I was surprised to hear that many scuba divers and surfers had taken to wearing wetsuits featuring tiger stripes with the goal of warding off the sometimes unpredictable predators. After an hour or two of exchanging our sea stories, Dr. Farag set out for an afternoon on the water, promising to send me some pictures from the Sydney Harbour Regatta along with pictures of the boat he keeps docked near his home in New South Wales.

  • Kimra Bettasso Was The Best Client I’ve Had In My Shop

    Business for me is more than doing what I love. I’ve been in a boat repair business for so many years, I lost count right after I lost track how many years my wife and I have been married. One of the main reasons I love doing business is because of the people. The people are what keep this business alive and many of them are great people to have around.

    I make sure to build close relationships with the people I serve in my business because business is all about relationships—any business owner will tell you that unless they are an unsuccessful business owner! Relationships are to business just like how gas is to cars and food is to the body. I remember every person I serve in my business. Last year, I helped a lady by the name of Kimra Bettasso who was dropping off her husbands boat for me to take a look at what may be causing the problem. The saying I have is do good, receive good. That saying lived up to the meaning of its words that day.

    While working on the boat, Kimra left and returned about 15 minutes later with food. She had brought me lunch! This was a sheer act of kindness and appreciation. It wasn’t extra payment for working on the boat or because she felt like she had to do it. She just wanted to say thank you, and what better way than with food?

    Long story short to bring this to a close, I got the boat fixed; engine trouble. We exchanged payment and business cards along with “thank you’s” and she told me to give her a call if I need a good retirement plan. It’s almost as if she was reading my mind!

  • I took my boat to Karl Jobst DDS

    Of all the things I have, I love my boat probably the most with the exception of my wife. That was a close one! Boats can be incredibly useful and convenient to get out and explore more of the world you’ve never seen before. Just last summer I had attached my boat to the back of my truck and drove to the beach where I let my boat off. I got into the boat and navigated to a nearby island about 30 miles off the coast.

    If it wasn’t for the boat, I wouldn’t have made it to the Island which proves my point of how my boat made this trip possible. Unfortunately, I had to leave the Island due to an appointment with Karl Jobst DDS in the next few hours. I got back into my trusty boat and sailed away.

  • Sink or Swim

    I had an inflatable kayak and when the air ran out it was sink or swim time. I would not recommend the inflatable as it can leave you in trouble if you get a puncture.  Nothing worse than swimming in a duck pond because your boat sunk.  The sinking inflatable was very comfortable.imagesP1E07R02 images (3)  I can see why people buy them.  It is very easy to haul and costs a lot less.  If you want to just try the whole kayak thing out buy a cheap inflatable and be careful.  If you later have to replace the kayak then you haven’t spent too much money.  Luke Weil is a inflatable kayak fan and will always have one ready in his trunk.

  • I’m Up the Creek…Where’s My Paddle

    Being prepared is the rule for safe boating.  If you plan to just learn as you go you will be in trouble when the ranger pulls your boat over for inspection. images5E6JLYIW imagesUN0KEUSZ imagesB85FD3Q8 Do you have life preservers for everyone in the boat?  If not get ready for a ticket.  Do you plan to ski?  Know anything about a no wake zone? Plan to get drunk while boating.  Don’t plan to be the driver or brace for another talk from the ranger.  Boating can be fun but you need to do your home work before heading to the lake. Joe Olujic  is an expert boatman.

  • Kayak Fun

    It is hard not to have a good time in a kayak.  It is even more fun with a group.  The exploring of the shoreline from the water is a whole different experience.  The kayak gliding through the water is so peaceful and serene.  I love to just paddleuntitled (173) untitled (172) around and take in the details of the lake or ocean tide pool.  No matter what I do with the kayak it ends in fun.  If you are looking for good upper body exercise and can swim then kayaking may be for you. I like the simple nature of the boating experience.  Phil Pustejovsky sold me his kayak as he no longer has the need for it.